Dirk Nägele is operating the Haringerhof in the third generation.

Hedwig and Arthur Nägele started the family business on the 1st of June 1962, then known as Schwarzwaldstüble (Black Forest Inn). The seating capacity was increased from 30 to 120 in 1970 and 9 guest rooms were completed as well. Arthur was an enthusiastic soccer player and it happened that at the same time a very talented and well known soccer player with the name of Siegmund Haringer used to play in Munich. The resemblance of the two was astonishing and that’s how Arthur came to his nickname Haringer. Soon after people didn’t go to the Schwarzwaldstüble but to the Haringer. After renovations in 1970 the restaurant was officially named Haringerhof. Son Egon and his wife Brigitte took over business in 1978 and handed it over in spring of 2006 to son Dirk. Complete renovations of the premises turned the Haringerhof into a state of the art, stylish Country Hotel with restaurant.